Acrylics are a watersoluble and fast drying paint. Paint film dries to a water resistant finish. Wet acrylic paint can be cleaned up with soap and water. Acrylics are generally less expensive than oils and offer a wider variety of mediums that can be added to the paint. Acrylics are a great choice for artists wanting to experiment with different textures and multimedia effects.

About our Artist Quality Brands

We feature Tri-Art High Viscosity Acrylics: a Canadian made artist quality paint. If you are looking to upgrade your paints we highly recommend this brand. We offer everyday bulk deals on this paint line which is already economically priced compared to other artist quality brands. We carry the High Viscosity, Liquid & Low-Viscosity Tri-Art Artist Quality Lines.


Golden, Liquitex & Holbein all offer a Heavybody line in a wide range of colours.

Golden also offers a Fluid paint and High Flow. Golden High Flow Acrylics are the consistency of ink and can be used as an airbrush paint or put into paint markers.

Holbein also offers a beautiful, velvety Mat line in a limited colour range.


Artist Quality paints have a higher pigment to binder ratio allowing for better coverage and higher tinting strength; a little goes a long way. Artist Quality Brands offer wider colour selections, wider range of mediums, and require less paint when colour mixing. Each brand may offer colours exclusive to that brand. It is common practice for artists to mix and match brands to achieve their own unique colour palette.

Student Quality paints are more economically priced and have lower pigment loads compared to artist quality brands. Student Quality brands offer a basic selection of colours offering 'hues' instead of expensive pigments such as Cadmiums and Cobalts. Student Quality paint is ideal for beginners, large scale projects and underpainting.

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