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Brand new from Winsor Newton! Try each and every one of their professional watercolours with their new "Dot Card", just wet with a brush to test each colour.

Also included in our kit: three different types of professional grade watercolour papers to try, two artist quality brushes, three primary colours of Winsor Newton's artist watercolours to dive right into painting.

Kit #13 - Explore W&N Artist Watercolours

SKU: Kit13
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    • Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour "Try It" dot card.
    • Fluid 100 CP Watercolour paper block, 8"x8".
    • Mini paper pads: Stonehenge Aqua Hot Press & Yupo. 
    • HJ Brush Series 850 1/2" flat.
    • HJ Brush Series 400 #4 round.
    • Masters brush cleaner, 1/4oz.
    • W&N 5ml Artist watercolour tubes: Winsor Blue (Red Shade), Winsor Red, Winsor Yellow.