Acrylic painting supplies that our staff, Robyn, can't go without!


Notes about this kit:

"I love Holbein's pigment load, brightness and consistancy of their paints. / These heavy weight sketchbooks don't bleed through, even with watery or heavy paint applicatons! / The biggest game changer painting item I've ever bought is the Sta-Wet Palette - it saves sooo much paint! / Though a classic jar or yogurt conatiner will do for brush water, this tank has sped up my cleaning time tenfold, I love it!" - Robyn

Kit #33 - Acrylic Painting (Robyn's Picks)

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    • Masterson Sta-Wet Palette - Handy
    • Canson Mixed Media Artbook, 7"x10"
    • Brush Cleaning Tank, 16oz
    • Masters Brush Cleaner, 2.5oz
    • Liquitex Freestyle 1" Paddle Brush
    • Simply Simmons chisel brush
    • HJ Series 995 #4 Liner brush
    • Holbein Acrylic Set, 6 x 20ml tubes (Naphthol Red Deep, Hansa Yellow Light, Hooker's Green, Phthalo Blue, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White)