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If you've always wanted to try oil painting, but aren't too keen about all the finicky clean up - Water-soluble oils might be the perfect fit for you! This paint has a special formulation to be cleaned up and thinned with water instead of solvent. Making it easy peasy!

Kit #45 - Intro to Water-soluble Oils

SKU: Kit45
C$211.27 Regular Price
C$169.02Sale Price
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    • Holbein Duo Water-soluble oil set, 10ml x 10 colours.
    • 10"x12" gessoed birch panel (3/4" depth).
    • Grey Matter disposable palette pad, 6"x9".
    • Tri Art canvas pad, 9"x12".
    • Masters brush cleaner, 2.5oz.
    • Metal palette knife.
    • Silver "Bristlon" brushes: Bright #6, Flat #2, Round #0.
    • Holbein Duo Painting Medium 55ml.
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