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Try out Holbein's unique Acryla Gouache with this fun exploratory kit. It includes brushes, black watercolour paper (new!), small white watercolour paper and mixed media paper to try a variety of different effects.

What is Acryla Gouache? It is an acrylic paint with a velvety matte finish, perfect for graphic effects or illustrations. It is not re-wettable once dry like traditional gouache, but has a similar bold beautiful matte and colourful finish.

Kit #56 - Fun Acryla Gouache Combo

PriceFrom C$93.23
Email or phone for availability
    • 8"x10" Stonehenge Aqua 140lb Black CP watercolour paper pad, 15sht.
    • 3"x9" Strathmore Mixed Media pad, white 15sht.
    • Stonehenge Aqua CP 140lb white mini pad.
    • 2 brushes: Simply Simmons chisel blender #10 & Princeton Umbria round #4.
    • 5 x 20ml Holbein Acryla Gouache paint colours.

    ASH set includes: Ash Blue, Ash Rose, Ash Green, Ash Yellow & Metallic White.
    BRIGHT set includes: Red Violet, Leaf Green, Coral Red, Mustard & Metallic Blue.
    PRIMARY set includes: Primary White, Primary Magenta, Primary Cyan, Primary Yellow, & Primary Black.

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