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Choosing A Surface

Please call/email the store to confirm in stock availability of certain sizes

(price lists below are a general size range of what we regularly order in, but stock does fluctuate). 

Stretched Canvas

Artist QuaLity | Made in Canada


Pre-stretched artist canvasses are made with 100% cotton canvas, double primed with acrylic gesso and back stapled onto beveled stretcher bars. Larger sizes are properly braced for extra support. Available in Standard 3/4" and Profile 1.5" depths.


Birch Panels

Artist QuaLity | Made in Canada


3mm Russian birch  surface cradled onto 7/8" (standard) or 1 5/8" (profile) frames. Panels are unprimed and have a smooth grain.  Ideal for artists wanting a smooth and/or non-flexible support.

Birch Panel

Stretcher Bars

Kiln Dried Basswood | Standard & Profile


Beveled, tongue & groove, basswood Stretcher Bars available in 3/4" & 1.5" depths. Ideal for artists wanting to stretch their own canvas. Crossbracing is recommended for canvasses larger than 30" in order to prevent warping.

Stretcher Bars

Rollstock Canvas

Lightweight | Economical | Artist Quality

30% OFF 50 YARD Rolls

Inglewood Art carries a large selection of rollstock canvas in store. Available in different weights and widths. Rollstock is available for purchase by the yard, foot or in 50 yard rolls. We also carry portrait grade rollstock Belgian linen. 

Canvas Rollstock

Panels & Boards

Lightweight | Economical | Artist Quality


Inglewood Art sells Winsor & Newton Professional Grade Canvas Boards, Apollon- Gotrick Masonite Panels and Apollon-Gotrick 3mm and 6mm Birch Boards. Canvas boards, bitch boards and masonite panels are great surfaces to paint on. They are lightweight and compact, making them a favorite amongst plein air painters and students on the go. Inglewood Art recommends that paintings done on canvas boards or unbraced wood panels be framed to prevent damage and warping. Canvas panels are pre-primed. We also recommended coating birch boards and masonite panels with Gloss Medium prior to priming in order to prevent Support Induced Discoloration.

Canvas Panels


Lightweight | Economical | Artist Quality

Included in above bulk deals

New! Brushed aluminum painting substrates, in cradled (profile) and uncradled (flat) versions.

Manufactured in Canada, Tri-Art Cradled Alu Panels are a lightweight alternative for artists who are accustomed to painting on cradled wood panels. These panels have been designed at Tri-Art's facility and are manufactured in house. They have a 1,1/2" gallery profile and come with framing wire and hardware to easily hang on any wall.


Canvas & Supports

There are many surfaces to paint on: canvas, linen and wood to name a few. Each surface has it's own characteristics and advantages. Stretched canvas and Birch Panels cut down on prep work involved in preparing a surface. Rollstock canvas is available for artists who prefer to prime and stretch their own canvasses. Masonite, canvas panels and pads are suitable for smaller works and are an economical choice for practice pieces or for plein air painters wanting something compact and lightweight.

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