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We stock a variety of paper sold by the sheet. Paper comes in different weights (thickness) that is measured in lbs or gsm based on a ream of 500 sheets. Print and Watercolour paper are sized to accept water and allow for the paper to be soaked without breaking down the fibers. Pastel and Charcoal paper tends to be textured (tooth) or sanded in order to for the fine powders to grip to the surface .

Drawing Printmking Paper
Watercolour Paper
Decorative Paper


Illustration Board, Poster Board, Foam Core, Gatorboard, Mounting Board, Mat Board, & Pre-cut mats. We do not currently have a mat cutter to custom cut boards and mats.

Fine Art Paper
Fine Art Paper
Fine Art Paper
Fine Art Paper


Most papers are multi-purpose and are ideal for a number of different art mediums. Drawings can be done on watercolour, pastel and print papers so experiment with different textures and surfaces. 

Printmaking paper is externally sized allowing the paper to be pre-soaked (intaglio) and for the ink to sit on the surface (silkscreen, blockprinting). Inglewood Art carries Stonehenge, Arches Cover, BFK Rives and Somerset Satin papers that are most commonly used for prints, but are also some of the best drawing papers.

Canson Mi-Teinte Pastel Paper


Pastel paper tends to come in a variety of muted shades and is textured/sanded in order for the pastel or charcoal to be easily layered.

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