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Art BOard

Illustration & MAtting

Inglewood Art carries a small selection of Illustration Board, Poster Board, Foam Core, Gatorboard, Mounting Board, Mat Board, & Pre-cut mats. We do not currently have a mat cutter to custom cut boards and mats.

Illustration & MAt Board (AciD-Free)

Canson Mi-Teinte

Canson Manga Illustration

16x20" $7.52

20x30" $12.92

White | Smooth

Crescent Illustration Medium Weight

16x20" $6.97 (warm White)

20x30" $11.91 (white)

Hotpress | Coldpress

Strathmore Illustration for Wet-Media

15x22" $20.94

22x30" $34.46

White | Coldpress

CRescent PhotoMount

16x20" $5.15

Black front / white back | Smooth | acid free

PACOn Posterboard (Acid-Free)

HeavyCoated PosterBoard


Acid-free | Non-Bleed | Fade Resistant

Available in 12 colours


Foam COre (Acid-Free)

32x40" $13.67

Antique White

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