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Watercolour Paper

Watercolour Paper

Sheets | Pads | Blocks
140lb | 300lb
Colpress | Hotpress |Rough

Watercolour paper is internally and externally sized allowing the pigment to rest on the surface and for heavier water applications. Generally speaking 300lb paper does not require the paper to be stretched, and 140lb paper requires stretching with heavier applications of water. Learn more about paper stretching here. Coldpress, Hotpress and Rough refers to the surface of the watercolour sheet.


Coldpress is the most popular surface and creates a dappling effect typically seen with watercolours. Inglewood Art sells a variety 140lb Cold Press paper brands: Arches Aquarelle, Fabriano Artistico, Strathmore 400 Series, Stonehenge Aqua and Speedball Student Grade.


Hotpress refers to a smooth surface; the paper has been run through a hot press. Inglewood Art carries both the Fabriano Artistico and Arches Aquarelle in a hotpress surface. Yupo is a 100% polypropelene product and is a newer type of ultra smooth watercolour paper that doesn't require stretching and works great with both watercolours and alcohol inks.

Rough watercolour paper has not been run through a press and creates an exaggerated dappling effect popular amongst a few watercolour artists. Inglewood Art carries Arches Aquarelle 140lb Natural White Rough sheets.

140lb | 22x30"


Coldpress | Hotpress



Arches NAtural White

Coldpress | Hotpress | Rough


Bienfang Aquademic



Fabriano Artistico EXTRA WHITE

Cold press | Hotpress


Stonehenge Aqua

White | Cold Press | Hotpress


Black | Cold Press | Hotpress


300lB | 22x30"

Arches Bright White

Coldpress | Hotpress



Arches Natural White

Coldpress | Hotpress


Fabriano Artistico EXTRA WHITE

Cold press | Hotpress


Stonehenge Aqua

White | Cold Press


Black | Cold Press


Strathmore 400 Series



Yupo | 20x26"
$7.30 74lb
$13.00 144lb

Watercolor Pads & Blocks

Watercolour Pads & Blocks

Watercolour Paper is also sold in pads and blocks. The paper pads are a convenient alternative to cutting down a full sheet (22x30"). Watercolour Blocks are gummed on the sides so that stretching the paper is not required. The gummed sides stretches the paper as the painting dries. Inglewood Art sells a selection of Watercolour Pads and Blocks in a variety of brands and pricepoints. Please ask our staff about size availability and pricing.

We carry the following brands

Arches 140lb Coldpress & Hotpress (Blocks and Pads)

Fluid100 140lb Coldpress & Hotpress (Blocks and Pads)

Canson Montval 140lb Coldpress (Block and Pads)

Canson XL WC 140lb Coldpress (Pads)

Global Art Hand Book 90lb & 140lb Watercolour Journals

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