Drawing & Printmaking Paper

Inglewood Art offers a selection of drawing paper in full sheet sizes. Most papers are multi-purpose and are ideal for a number of different art mediums. Drawings can be done on watercolour, pastel and print papers so experiment with different textures and surfaces. Drawing paper differs from both print and watercolour papers in that they are typically not sized and therefore do not handle heavy applications of water. Some drawing papers are more suitable for light uses of wet media and others for dry media. We offer a variety of paper brands in both loose stock (full sheets), pads and rolls of paper.

Printmaking paper is externally sized allowing the paper to be pre-soaked (intaglio) and for the ink to sit on the surface (silkscreen, blockprinting). Inglewood Art carries Stonehenge, Arches Cover, BFK Rives and Somerset Satin papers that are most commonly used for prints, but are also some of the best drawing papers.

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One of our most popular papers. Stonehenge was created in 1972 as an affordable 100% cotton rag alternative to more expensive European papers. This paper is a favorite for silkscreen and colour pencil.

Stonehenge 22x30" | 250gsm

White $5.10

Warm White $5.70

Fawn $6.10

Cream $6.10

Pale Blue $6.10

Kraft $7.35

Black $7.50


Stonehenge 30x44" | 320gsm

White $15.80

BFK Rives

BFK Rives has an absorbent wove surface that is suitable for all forms of printmaking. It's smooth surface, soft texture, and light sizing allows it to pick up every detail. It has two natural deckles, and two simulated, being torn at the finishing stage.

  • Mouldmade in France

  • 100% Cotton

  • Neutral pH

  • Acid Free

  • Smooth surface

  • 4 deckles (sheets)

  • Moderately sized



  • Hand Lithography

  • Intalgio

  • Letterpress

  • Offset

  • Pastel & Charcoal

  • Silkscreen

  • Stationery

22x30" | 250gsm

White $10.78 | Grey $11.00


From the historic St. Cuthbert's Mill, Somerset paper has found success as a printmaking and drawing paper. This paper has a soft handle and supple feel. It has also become a deluxe paper for the stationery industry, working equally well with letterpress, engraving, thermography and embossing.

22x30" | 250gsm

Satin White $9.50



  • Mouldmade in UK

  • 100% Cotton

  • Neutral pH

  • Acid Free

  • Chlorine Free

  • 4 deckles

  • Lightly sized

Arches 88 Silkscreen

Arches 88 is a crisp shade of white. The paper is dimensionally stable, provides a wonderful smooth level surface along with a hefty weight. Created specifically for Silkscreen, Arches 88 may also be used for etching. It is not sized like other printmaking paper so if used for etching it should not be soaked.



  • Mouldmade in France

  • 100% Cotton

  • Neutral pH

  • Acid Free

  • 4 deckles (sheets)

  • Unsized

  • Hand Lithography

  • Intaglio

  • Silkscreen


Popular inexpensive coverweight drawing paper. Standard paper for classrooms and students.

20x26" | 65lb

White $0.63

20x26" | 80lb

White $0.82

Fabriano Accademia

Fabriano Accademia drawing paper is made of high quality lignin free and acid free cellulose, guaranteeing long conservatione over time. Produced with 100% of E.C.F. pulp (Elemental Chlorine Free), F.S.C. certified (©1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.) from forests responsibly managed respectful of environmental, social and economic standards.
Its internal and external sizing renders it resistant to repeated erasures. It is recommended for artists and amateurs for sketching and drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastel, coloured pencil and ink. Its 200 g/m2 is also suitable for gouache.

  • Lignin Free

  • 100%  Elemental Chlorine Free Pulp

  • Acid Free

  • 200 gsm

  • Internal & External sizing

  • Pencil & Sketching

  • Pastel & Charcoal

  • Coloured Pencil

  • Ink

  • Gouache



Opalux | 110lb | $6.19

Vidalon Vellum | 55lb | $3.80

Large Drawing Pads & Rolls

Please ask our staff about availability and pricing

Pads 18x24"



Newsprint (also available in 24x36")

Canson Recycled Sketch

Canson Classic Cream

Canson XL Multimedia

Strathmore Drawing

Canson Tracing

Paper rolls

Arches 140lb Cold Press 48"x 10 yards

BFK Rives 250gsm 48" x 10 yards

Canson Glassine Tracing 24" x 5 yards

Canson Tracing 24" x 5 yards

Sketchbooks & Journals

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brands of Paper Pads

Canson Recycled Sketch Books

HJ Permanent Hardbound Sketchbooks

Robert Bateman Coilbound Sketchbooks

Stonehenge Pads

Canson Pure White Drawing Pads

Canson Mi-Teinte Pads

Strathmore Tonal Pads

Strathmore Coloured Pencil Pads

Strathmore Drawing Pads

Strathmore Calligraphy Pad

Strathmore Marker Pad

Strathmore Tracing Pad

Canson Vidalon Vellum

Smaller Journals

Moleskine Sketchbook

Global Journals

Strathmore Multi Media Journal


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