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Have you tried inexpensive acrylics but are wanting to step it up a notch? Or maybe you want to skip the academic quality step, but aren't quite ready for professional grade paint? Rheotech is the perfect fit! Made in Ontario out of the same quality ingredients that Tri-Art uses in their professional acrylics, but just at a different ratio to be more econimical.


This kit features our "Verna's Mixing" Rheotech set of 9 tubes, plus all other necessary items to get started on your next acrylic painting project.

Kit #21 - Intermediate Acrylic

SKU: Kit21
C$149.53 Regular Price
C$119.62Sale Price
Email or phone for availability
    • Rheotech acrylic "Verna's Mixing" set, 60ml x 9 tubes
    • Pre-primed canvas (3/4" profile),12"x16"
    • Canvas paper pad, 24 sheets, 11"x14"
    • Non-stick plastic palette, 12"x16"
    • Plastic palette knife x 5
    • Brush set of 5
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