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Are you ready to kick it up a notch from our Intro to Lino cut kit? Or maybe you're looking to dive right into this advanced set out of the gate? This kit consists of professional grade items, with all tools needed to create your own lino cut prints (aka 'relief printing' or 'block printing') at home or in your studio.


Note: This kit does not include ink, since the type/colour is such a personal choice for each individual's project we opted to exclude it from the kit itself.

Kit #49 - Advanced Lino Cut

SKU: Kit49
C$163.35 Regular Price
C$130.68Sale Price
Email or phone for availability
    • Speedball 4" hard rubber brayer
    • Tombo carving tool, set of 6
    • Slipstrop (for sharpening chisels)
    • 2 x Unmounted Lino pieces (9"x12" & 5"x7")
    • 4.5" diameter baren
    • Unbleached Mulberry Block Printing Paper, 9"x12", pack of 25
    • Tri Art non-stick palette, 8"x12"
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