Spray Paint

Inglewood Art carries Montana Gold Spray Paint other Montana accessories. Montana Gold is an acrylic lacquer based spray paint that is superior quality, high coverage, low pressure and  quick drying. Montana Gold is compatible with other water based Acrylic products. Montana Gold can be applied to a number of surfaces including canvas and wood.

Safety precautions should be taken when using aerosal based products and we highly recommend using in a well ventilated area, with the use of a respirator mask and gloves.

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Montana Cans
Montana Gold Spray Paint
Montan Gold Spray Paint

Montana Gold

Artist Quality | Acrylic LACQUER Spray | 215 Colours

$14.50 Each

Inglewood Art typically carries 2 of each Montana Gold Colour in stock.  If you are looking for a large order with multiple cans of any one colour please ask us for a timeline. We typically receive shipments every 2-3 weeks.


Montana Gold Spray Can