Montana Gold

Spray Paint

Inglewood Art carries Montana Gold and Montana Black Spray Paint alongside other Montana accessories.

Safety precautions should be taken when using aerosal based products and we highly recommend using in a well ventilated area, with the use of a respirator mask and gloves.

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Montana Cans
Montana Gold Spray Can

Montana Gold

PIGMENT BASED | Acrylic LACQUER Spray | 215 Colours

Montana Cans GOLD provides superb handling, ideal for photorealistic works. This versatile, fast drying spray color provides excellent opaque coverage of pure, brilliant color. The spray cans work with a level cap system, allowing for both low- and high-pressure performance in the same can: go from low-pressure output for working in thin lines and fine detail to high-pressure output for easily filling in larger areas. It is suitable for indoor work, as the atomized spray is reduced to a minimum and is nearly odor-free. A colored ring at the top of the can that identifies the color inside so you can easily identify your color and visualize your palette.

Suitable for application on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass or even flexible surface, 1 can covers 25 sq. ft., depending on surface porosity, Matte finish provides non-reflective appearance, Formulated to withstand seasonal weather, 360° spray nozzle allows you to paint from any angle, even upside down, 100% lead and CFC free, Dries to the touch in as little as 15 minutes for fast, convenient use


Inglewood Art typically carries 2 of each Montana Gold Colour in stock.  If you are looking for a large order with multiple cans of any one colour please ask us for a timeline. We typically receive shipments every 2-3 weeks.

$14.50 Each

Montana Cans
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Montana BLACk


Montana Cans BLACK is a nitro combination-based paint in a high-pressure can that provides excellent control and handling. The low-odor, non-drip paint formula has a short drying time allowing for rapid re-application and overlapping of colors. The low-noise cans are compatible with all cap types and consistently make perfect lines. They are also winter-proof, achieving optimal performance even in cold climates. Available in powerful, high-covering matte finish colors that can be applied to any surface.


Inglewood Art typically does not carry the full line of Montana Black.  If you are looking for a large order with multiple cans of any one colour please ask us for a timeline. We typically receive shipments every 2-3 weeks.

$12.80 Each

Montana Cans
Spray Caps Nozzle.tiff


Whether it is for graffiti, D.I.Y or arts and crafts, the Montana Cans cap assortment is a hand picked array of premium caps that we feel provide the best results from all of our Montana Cans aerosol products. We have developed each cap or purpose chosen existing ones to compliment the advanced technologies of our cans. These chosen caps enhance qualities like precision, efficiency, control and handling. And above all, they have been chosen to make using our cans easy and fun. The spray widths and output shapes come in many shapes and sizes allowing any user to have the perfect cap for their project. Regardless of if your creating street art, urban art, or even just painting an object. Subject to the type of can applied to (high or low pressure), the spray output varies from 0.4cm, all the way up to 60cm. We have a cap for all occasions, whether you want to spray skinny or fat, round or square, dirty or clean, soft or fast.


Inglewood Art carries all the Montana Green Level Caps alongside a few others. Contact us if you are in search of a specific Montana cap/nozzle.

$0.69 Each