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Watercolours are typically done on 140lb watercolour paper that has been sized in such a way that the pigment remains on the surface of the paper. Watercolour typically uses the white of the paper instead of white paint. Color intensity is gradually built up through layering colors. Watercolours are available in 5ml and 15ml tubes or full or half pans (dry watersoluble paint blocks).

Artist Quality paints have a higher pigment to binder ratio allowing for better coverage and higher tinting strength; a little goes a long way. Artist Quality Brands offer wider colour selections, wider range of mediums, and require less paint when colour mixing. Each brand may offer colours exclusive to that brand. It is common practice for artists to mix and match brands to achieve their own unique colour palette.

Student Quality paints are more economically priced and have lower pigment loads compared to artist quality brands. Student Quality brands offer a basic selection of colours offering 'hues' instead of expensive pigments such as Cadmiums and Cobalts. 

Transparent Watersoluble Paint


Holbein Watercolor


Artist QuaLity | Made in JAPAN | SINCE 1933

Holbein watercolors are a popular choice amongst artists and professionals. All Holbein products are made in Japan by Holbein Artist Color Company. Holbein products are recognized world wide for their beautiful, brilliant color. Made from the purest pigments these fine watercolours are carefully formulated to professional standards. Inglewood Art offers the full range of Holbein Watercolours in both 5ml and 15ml tubes

SERIES A $12.00 ($9.60) 
SERIES B $13.25 ($10.60)
SERIES C $16.50 ($13.20)
SERIES D $18.00 ($14.40)
SERIES E $22.25 ($17.80)
SERIES F $26.00 ($20.80)

SERIES A $22.00 ($17.60) 
SERIES B $24.75 ($19.80)
SERIES C $33.00 ($26.40)
SERIES D $36.50 ($29.20)
SERIES E $45.75 ($36.60)
SERIES F $51.00 ($40.80)

M.Graham Watecolor


Artist QuaLity | Made in OREGON | HONEY

M.Graham Watercolors are made with honey which allows for increased pigment concentrations and freedom from reliance on preservatives.  By using honey medium, M.Graham watercolors resist hardening on the palette, or in the tube and dilute easily, often after months of disuse.

SERIES 1 $17.15
SERIES 2 $18.82
SERIES 3 $21.46
SERIES 5 $29.78

Winsor Newton Professional Watercolour

W&N Professional


W&N Artists' Watercolours continue to be formulated and manufactured to create an unparalleled watercolour range which offers artists the widest and most balanced choice of pigments with the greatest possible permanence. With over 170 years of manufacturing, Winsor and Newton has a world-wide reputation among professional artists. One of the most popular watercolour brands on the market.

SERIES 1 $14.50
SERIES 2 $16.43
SERIES 3 $18.76
SERIES 4 $21.87

W&N Cotman

W&N cotman


W&N Cotman Watercolours are one of the highest grade student quality paint available and one of the most popular watercolour brands on the market. 40 colours available.

8ml $7.88 EACH

(Iridescents: $8.80ea)

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